The Olympus VS120-L100 system is engineered for high throughput research and pathology environments. The system features a highly dependable, robustly designed slide loader which can process 100 slides at a time. This offers users careful and reliable slide handling, linking to automated scanning. There is a choice of Olympus PLAPON 2x and UPLSAPO 10x, 20x and 40x objectives.The integrated barcode scanner reads all common 1D and 2D code formats and can be used to automate slide data entry. A single slide takes approximately 7 minutes to scan with the 40x objective and generates a file size of 1GB to 7GB.

Olympus VS 120 Virtual Microscope

Tissue microarrays

Our Olympus VS120 system uses a dedicated tissue microarray (TMA) software module, facilitating acquisition and simple analysis of tissue microarrays. This enables the separate documentation of each core, accurately recording slide and core reference for traceability. In addition, documents are stored automatically and uploaded to the NIS SQL database.

Remote Conferencing and Consultation
Virtual slides can be archived to a database, enabling network-based remote retrieval at any time through the Olympus NISSQL NetImage Server. Images are stored at high resolution, and multiple clients can review and even synchronize elements such as specific observation areas to facilitate efficient review and discussion. A conference can be easily scheduled, with up to 200 participants. The moderator or speaker can guide participants through the displayed specimen, simultaneously on all clients’ monitors

For detailed specifications see: Olympus Europa SE & CO